Poem: White and Blue

An infant nation,

Rearing its head from the deepest forests

Of the North.


A Red dawn draws behind,

Seen faintly through the

Pine trees.


The day emerges,

A blue light reveals all,

Infinite lakes and rivers.


A face looks

Deep into the water,

Seen only is the reflection.


The Double-headed Eagle

Watches from afar

As the infant crawls.


Dark wings of the Eagle

Forms a shadow great

The child finds footing still.


The mirrored lake,

Offers a gift small

A child in red, for company.


White and Red,

Two faces unlike each other

Fighting for truth.


The faces,

Now joined as one, see

The Red dawn nears again.


The child, taller now

Faces the dawn with courage

The day would stand strong.


The forests and lakes

Speak only in hushed tones,

As the White Death creeps.


The child, older

Wakes from slumber

Winter has passed.


Forests and lakes

Rejoice in bloom

As the days grow long.


Years go by,

The reflection reveals

A tired but peaceful face.


A light so luminous

Through the trees,

White and blue.


A hundred years,

Wise and proud

The nation is young no more.

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