Blog: Challenging Myself and Others – The 10/10-Challenge

Dear internet, I was going to be active today. When I woke up this morning I decided to go for a long bike ride. At least two hours of great outdoors physical activity! Then I looked outside, and it was raining. So much for that idea. I then seated myself in front of my computer – brows furrowed and all – and started thinking. What possible activities can I do today?

And then I came up with another brilliant idea! But before we go on to what I came up with; let’s sidetrack ourselves slightly and talk about laziness.

I am very lazy. I am a lazy person. I enjoy the activity of doing nothing. I activate to procrastinate. You get the gist by now.  This is also true about my writing, because I love writing! But I always have a hard time starting and not focusing on other, more trivial things, such as watching YouTube videos the entire day (and night).

I currently have a lot of free time on my hands due to the fact that school has ended, and summer has begun. Rather than spending my time on bettering myself and learning new things, doing creative stuff, actually improving myself physically and mentally; I spend most of my days inside, staring at a computer screen. It gets boring after a while. I am bored.


So what can I do to break this cycle of monotony and boredom? I have decided to challenge myself and everyone else to the 10/10-Challenge! (Which I just came up with about 20 minutes ago). ‘Now what the hell is that?’ – You ask, eyes widening in astonishment while your jaw drops to the figurative floor. Let me tell ya, friend-o. Here’s what you (and I) have to do:

1. Write 10 (ten) Poems in 10 (again, ten) Days! 

And uh, that’s it.

The only rule to this challenge is writing 10 poems in 10 days or so, give or take. Look, I’m not here to enforce the rule(s), only to share. Keep the poems all to yourself or share them to the world, it’s up to you. The topics can be whatever you can think of! The poems can be of any length you choose: just one word, or a long epic! I challenge everyone in the world, but more realistically everyone who sees and reads this blog post. Challenge your friends as well, because poetry is for everyone! I really do hope people try it out!

As for myself, I will start writing today (5th of June, the year of our Lord, 2018) and compile all of the poems into one post which I will share ten days from now, as not to spam WordPress too too much.

Please do participate! If you have your own WordPress account (or any other blog), please link your poems into the comments of this blog post, as I will definitely check them all out!

Happy writings everyone!



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