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Hello, internet. Today I woke up (as you do) and thought about my blog, and what I try to write about. I thought about the dashboard of my website. It reads Blog Posts, Short Stories, and Poems, in that order.

Now that I look back at that ordering, I laugh at myself in the past. I clearly remember the introductory blog post I made for my blog, foolishly declaring that poems would be the least represented medium on my website. Oh, how wrong I was.

Another thing that I did today was going to the sauna. Rather than enjoying the serenity of being alone in the relaxing heat; having the concentration skills of a rabid rabbit I need something to distract me constantly in order to avoid my l’appel du vide winning over. Therefore I usually listen to some music, or watch some videos while I lounge in the sauna. I know, how millennial of me.

Now you might be thinking: ‘what are you talking about, blog-writing-man?’. Well don’t ask me, I just work here. I actually don’t, because I do this for free and for creative purposes. However, this is an excellent segue to the reason I am writing this post. As I previously mentioned, I have three different categories that I try (read: struggle) to write in. Sitting in the sauna, I thought about the music I was listening to, and what a blessing it is to enjoy so many different genres. And not just music, but movies as well. I enjoy both media immensely. What if I tried to write about those things as well?

However, I am not a professional journalist or a writer. Nor am I a music, or movie critic. I’m just a dude who happens to consume both of those things a fair amount. HOWEVER, the age of the internet has sort of rendered this point completely moot. Anyone – and I do mean anyone – can write or make a video about reviewing anything in the world. That is the world we live in now, and I for one think that’s just fine. I love to share new music and new movies I’ve discovered. Sometimes I annoyingly spam new things I’ve found to my friends until they watch it or listen to it. I am a great friend.

Moreover, I’ve followed many different critics of many different media for as long as I’ve surfed the internet. Do people still say ‘surf the internet’? I have been following movie critics, music critics, video game critics etc. etc. The list goes on.

How could you give DAMN. a 7/10, Rateony Songthano?!

What if I want to try that as well? I know gathering an audience on any platform nowadays is challenging due to the simple fact that there are thousands, if not millions of other talented people on the same platforms. But the other fantastic fact about the internet is that I can at least try it out!

And I think that’s the lesson for today. You! Yes, you reading this blog post. Is there something you’ve always wanted to try out, but you have always put off or postponed because of fear of disappointment or something similar? Today is the day to do it!

Other bloggers/writers, how do you feel about expanding your blog? How did you decide what to write about, and is it hard to just stick with one medium of writing (poems etc.)? Do you think you are proficient at one medium of writing, but would want to try something new as well? Please comment!

So that’s that. I’ve written a bunch of poems and blog posts, some short stories as well. What about movie and music reviews? Maybe two new categories will appear on the dashboard of my blog, maybe not. I am going to the movies today to watch a new horror film called Hereditary.

Maybe I’ll write about that? Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend ♥

6 thoughts on “Blog: Expanding your Vision

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  1. [ Smiles ] Hmm. I do not post poetry on my blog, because I am not a poet. I would prefer to read poetry on someone else’s blog.

    In my case, I deal with miscellaneous topics; I am not sticking with a niche (The whole idea of me doing miscellaneous topics is my way of expanding my blog).

    Do have yourself a wonderful day!

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    1. You have a very interesting viewpoint! When I see things that other people have done, I usually think to myself: “Could I do that as well?”

      Thanks for the comment! Have a nice day 🙂

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  2. I have definitely thought about expanding like this, then thought it might not suit my blog or readers, then thought hold on its my blog, i should write about what i want. That’s as far as i got.

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