Poem: Heavy is the Head

This is a poem inspired by the drawing as seen above! Art by the wonderful Shawn Coss. You can find him here. All rights belong to him. With love, J.J.



Heavy is the head

That wears the crown.

Oh, how heavy indeed.


A crown, the coldest of gold

Head burdened, brittle and old.

The halls are empty now,

So grandiose before

Reduced to ash and dust.


Each step, heavy as the crown

Weighed down by the



Shadows stalk through the halls

Moving tapestries on the walls

So vivacious and vibrant

They were

Now dead and dull.


Dead and dull.

Memories of a living place

Beaming faces and festivities.


Banquets and Balls

Tables laid end-to-end,

Flush with foods and wines.

Now, an atrocious aroma

Rats and rot.


Alas! To go back, and

Light the candle of life

To rule again.


For there is nothing left to rule

Only whispers and wind

Keep each other equal




This rope will ease the burden,

For heavy is the head.

Oh, so heavy indeed.



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