Poem: Snow



 I am trapped under the snow.


On the surface, the snow is beautiful

Glistening in the sunshine,

Luminous and radiant

Like ice-bound crystals

Proving the light to be good.


I cannot see under the snow,

As the light fades too fast.

Under the surface,

The snow is dark and gray.

No light makes it through.



I hear steps above,

Imagining two lovers,

Holding hands, singing together

I hear the smiles in their voices,

As the sounds pull me down

Deeper into the darkness.


I cannot move under the snow.

It is immense and heavy,

Unmoving and motionless

Like the weight of the world

In my head.


I hear laughter again; children

Playing in the snow atop

The sound of innocence

Warms my heart, as

The voices fade.


I cannot breathe under the snow.

I gasp for air with burning lungs

Howling for help, but

The snow takes my sound.

And gives nothing in return,

Only dreadful silence.


I remember still

The rays of the sun

Comforting and warming

As I smiled standing

Atop the snowcapped mountains.


Now my mind has gone

Frozen in time by ice

As is my body,

Withered and lifeless.

I sleep no more,

But I sleep under the snow.


I struggle and strife

As I thrust my frozen hand

Through the surface

The warmth of sunlight,

I feel again


I lift my head through the snow

As the saturation shifts from dark

To colourful light.

I open my weary eyes,

And see only sunless days.


Darkness and silence,

The same as before, as below

I lay my head back down,

And let the snow cover myself anew

Still, I am trapped under the snow.


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