Poem: Cardboard City

As I walk through the streets,

Of my beloved Cardboard City

The smiles I encounter,

Are few and far between,

And not meant for me


Stuck in place, as people walk past

With the vague recemblance,

Of passing acknowledgement

In this city, time never stops,

And everyone knows it all too well


“Wearing your heart on your sleeve

Is not advisable

In a cold place such as this.”

A heart, carved out of cardboard


Even when I shut my eyes,

I see the brightest lights in the sky

These lights make me see, not tell,

Because I see all too well


Words are wind,

And people are paper,

With their stories written on

In the loudest font


In an age where you have to

Pay to see who likes you

Without a word in between

Through the screen, with

The beautiful Cardboard City,

As the background


The walls are too thin

And the message is too loud

In Cardboard City.

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