Blog Post: What I’m Working On

Salutations dear reader!

Happy end of the week to each and everyone reading this! I hope everyone had a nice and productive week doing something heroic like wrestling alligators, or something. With all the niceties over with, let’s talk about what we are here to talk about. The point of this blog post is solely to explain in a short manner what I’ll be working on during the next few months. Not that anyone is that interested anyways. This post will also work as a mnemonic for me, so I don’t forget that I’m supposed to actually write stuff.


1 – A new poem on Valentine’s day!

Valentine’s day is only a few days off, and while I’m not going to participate in any sort of wooing of potential mates, I still wrote a poem commemorating the day. The poem will be posted on the day of, the 14th. To be honest, this is my favorite poem I’ve ever written, and hopefully you will like it as much as I do!


 2 – New episodic short story!

Whooo boy, this one is going to be a handful for me. I came up with a really neat idea for a multi-part short story that I’ll be posting every two weeks or so. The genre will be fantasy/adventure; focused on a city called Emberwood. It was quite the blast thinking about all the social structures and all the lore surrounding different places and people. Now the only thing left is actually writing the blasted thing.. Wish me luck!


 3 – A short Sci-Fi story!

This one is quite the interesting tale indeed. Two months ago, when I came back home from traveling in Europe, I had a hard time sleeping for many weeks. During one sleepless night (literally didn’t sleep for one second) I came up with this entire story! I started writing it, and then shelved it. Then, I thought that I should write it but in a different medium, which will help the story a lot! The story will be in the form of a diary of one of the characters in the story. Look forward to this shebang during this month or the next!


4 – Another advice blog post!

The last one of these that I wrote was such a blast that I sort of want to make this kind of advice-blog-parodying a recurring thing on my blog! Not much more to say about it, other than the next one will focus on something we all aspire to: being cool.


5 – A poem that will be posted today!

Surprise! While writing this blog post, I also wrote a poem! It will be linked to this post when I publish both of these things. It was also quite the surprise that I managed anything creative today; seeing as I had some visitors in my home yesterday that only left a couple of hours ago. What I’m trying to say is that I am really tired and hungry (please, I need water as well).


6 – A random smattering of stuff!

As always, most of the stuff I post pop out of nowhere into my brain, and then I write it using a keyboard, and then I publish it on WordPress. This will probably happen multiple times during the coming months.


Thank you for reading lads and ladettes. ♥



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