Poem: Nuclear Shadows

Are we truly,

Who we say we are?

You and I.

Me and you.


The things we said.

All the good.

And all the bad.

What are they now?

The things we said.


When I look at you now

Do I see you as you are?

Or you, as I remember,

As I recall.


What are we really?

To each other.

Breathing and living,

In the flesh.

Is that enough?

If I could only touch you,

And erase all this.

Forget everything.

Wouldn’t that be grand?

Would it not?

Still, here I am.

A memory of yours.

And there you are.

A memory of mine.

So vivid, and alive.


Faded memories?

Fragile roses in a field,

Far away.

Torn asunder,

By the wind.


I think not.

We are unto each other

Like nuclear shadows,

Permanently etched

On the walls of our minds.


Like nuclear shadows.

You and I.

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