Poem: The Minds Less Broadened x 3

They say ‘traveling broadens the mind’

Traveling makes you appreciate home, at least that’s what I find

And who are they, anyway?

The pulsing mass of tourism creeps this-a-way

Straight street number six out of nine, with six Argentinian Steakhouses in a row

Consume the culture and leave a pile of bones, drag the memories in tow

Snap crackle pop goes the PA system, and it hurts my ear:

“Don’t mess with me, I kill you. Goodbye, Merry Christmas.”

Have no fear, Mr. Busdriver, the only mess I want is the one I’ll make rolling in my bed for a day straight. Maybe two.

I love home, and sleep, if that’s not clear.

Oh, and Merry Christmas to you too.

The road most traveled,

The most trodden earth,

What is the worth?

For the minds less broadened.

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