Poem: Mr. Pain

Mr. Pain

He goes by many names,

Nerve Muscle Back Chronic Brain

He goes by many names,

But he is always Mr. Pain


He walks with us,

Through all steps of life

With a smart bowler hat,

And a cane made of bones

He grins and laughs,

As we grimace and cry



Mr. Pain takes a vacation

To forget the sympathy,

And all the commiseration

We never notice when he is gone

Only when he is back


To each of us he is different,

But to all still the same

A shadow stalking ours

What is your Mr. Pain?


To all of us a word of advice:

Keep ranting, raving and raging,

Until the ends of our times,

Through all aches and agonies

Until the sun reaches the horizon

The waves of laughter and joy,

Will drown Mr. Pain out.





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